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Why Choose Our Batteries

There are five reasons why you should choose our batteries. Long Service Life, Maintaining over 80% Capacity after 500-600 Charge and Discharge Cycles We use top-tier battery cells from reputable brands known for their high consistency. Each batch of battery cells undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure minimal deviation in battery capacity (≤50mAh), voltage (≤0.04V), and […]

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Quality Control and Packaging Process

All LCD touch screen digitizer assembly replacement parts are 100% rigorously tested by our professional QC team before shipment. Quality Control Process: Packaging Process:

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LCD Display Classification

Classification by material of LCD Currently, the mainstream screens of smartphones can be divided into two categories: Comparison of LCD and OLED displays Performance OLED LCD Luminous Mechanism Self-illuminating, no backlight required Self-illuminating, no backlight required Display Brightness High brightness, can be displayed under sunlight Low brightness and difficult to use in sunlight Reaction Speed […]

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